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Game News

Here you will find the latest in legion updates and upcoming events. First of all i would like to welcome you all to our legion whether you are an aion beginner or a seasoned veteran, the most powerful armies have all the different scales of knowledge and skill. Secondly i would like to thank you for supporting our growing powerful legion. Now to the news and upcoming events:


1. Help with levelling,  we have a vast verity of levels in the legion so it is easy to pick up a group and go out hunting and completing quests. Our higher level players also help out with mentoring to help both the players get things done and help each other during their time spent in Devils Advocates.

2. We help gear up players struggling to continue during their game play. With Crafters all around doing their bit to help the legion move forward and achieve their goals. 

3. Openly invite players who are willing to participate in capturing forts. Helping get the Asmodian side reap the benefits with low tax and new instance zones opening up.

4. Twink Groups at lvl 30+ will ensure you have fun destroying the Elyos during rifting when the buffs are down. Getting xp and exploring new areas while challenging ourselves to go that bit further by killing higher ranked players. 

5. Constantly having an active legion that participate in creating a better Aion community. With players on at most times of the day, it is always fun to communicate and progress through the game with legion members. 


            LVL 0-30 = Volunteers
            LVL 31-50 = Legionaries 
            LVL 51-55 = Centurions

Only some trusted long term players will be ranked up to Deputy which allows them to partially have control over some of the legions key features. New players will be set to Volunteer rank during their first week with Devils Advocates. Once the week is up they will be assigned to their appropriate rank. 


Give away's: Giving a helping hand when some one needs it, devils advocates provides gear, kinah and items to those in need.

World PVP day: Once a every two weeks setting up an alliance to take over the artifacts in upper and lower abyss for Ap. kinah and getting our name out there.

Help a new player event: helpful to both the new player and the person helping out to better understand each other and form friendships while progressing through the game. High level players can sign up to this event and receive both bonus' from mentoring and Kronin.

Recruit a friend: in a addition to the bonus' provided by NcSoft, Devils Advocates also reward both the players for bringing a friend to join them in their adventures during the time spent playing the game. Kinah, gear and item bonuses are rewarded to the players that bring a friend with them into Asmodae and Balaurea. 

These events are run using the calendar and message of the day prompts. Please check up regularly on the website and check out message of the day. 
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